Tomato Chutney

At Christmas time at my Gran’s house there are always many families that come. As a result, there are simply far to many people to give a personal gift, so many families give the same gift to a lot of the families there. Our family, for example, often makes gingerbread biscuits, which I think are really fun, because you can spend a fun afternoon doing creative decorations on them, but one family makes a delicious tomato chutney.FullSizeRender

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Banana Caramel Cake

Sometimes leftovers are really good. Lunches, dinners when no one could be bothered to cook and leftover cake makes for yummy morning tea. Soggy fruit in the fruit bowl is something that is often not so nice, though. However, this banana caramel cake came about from having leftover caramel sauce in the fridge and a soggy banana in the fruit bowl, and it is yummy!IMG_4035

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Tex-Mex Chicken Fried Rice

One of my favourite dishes when I was a kid was fried rice. When we lived in Australia we could buy Chinese barbecue pork to add in, and it was so delicious that it was given the prized position of being my birthday dinner one year.

Well, Chinese barbecue pork isn’t exactly readily available where I live now, but I am a big fan of fried rice, so I have made my own versions of it. One of my recent ideas for a different variety of fried rice is the Tex-Mex fried rice.


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Paprika Chicken and Mango Tacos

The weather is being a bit crazy here at the moment. On Monday it was so hot that I felt as though summer had come, but the other day I was wishing I taken a jacket when I left the house and we were smothered by a thick blanket of grey cloud! However, on Monday I was seriously in the mood for summery food, and these tacos seem like the perfect summer food, with the cool cucumber and mangoIMG_4030

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